LiquiBrella Pina - LiquiBrand
LiquiBrella Pina - LiquiBrand
LiquiBrella Pina - LiquiBrand
LiquiBrella Pina - LiquiBrand

LiquiBrella Pina

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Liquibrella is a 53.5” bespoke canopy umbrella that’s sure to brighten your day. LiquiBrella is built with Linden waterproof fabric, which is renowned for its water resilient nature, making it ideal for wet and windy weather. Lightweight yet tough, the metal frame of your umbrella has been made with supreme skill, and the sleek auto-opening and collapse mechanisms are strong and sturdy. Each frame spoke is finished with a classy silver nickel tip, and a black, straight maple handle puts style and shelter at your fingertips. Masterfully colorful. Genuinely handmade, in limited editions of 1/50. Art by Liquiman.

  • Extra large 53.5” full canopy, 39.5" tall (golf umbrella size)
  • Linden waterproof fabric wind resistant canopy construction
  • Black, straight maple handle with automatic opening

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