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LiquiMini by Liqui. Smooth, comfortable, microfiber yarn with a four-way stretch make LiquiMini a great form-fitting go-to fashion piece. These mini skirts will never lose their stretch and provide that support and comfort you love with unique designs from the art of Stephen Lucier aka Liquiman.

LiquiMini Webel

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Smooth and comfortable, LiquiMini accents your curves in all the right places. Designed with the beach or city in mind, the bold, bright colors of LiquiMini are as playful as you feel in this form-fitting, go-to fashion piece. Made right here in the USA with original art by Liquiman. 

  • Mid-thigh length
  • Elastic waist meant to sit on hip
  • Four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers both on the cross and lengthwise grains for durability

Use our Sizing Guide to be sure your new threads fit just right. Check out Liqui’s Quality Statement and our Return Policy.