LiquiRug Sunnat - LiquiBrand
LiquiRug Sunnat - LiquiBrand
LiquiRug Sunnat - LiquiBrand

LiquiRug Sunnat

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LiquiRug is a beautifully handmade rug printed on a sultry velvet shimmer fabric with a natural jute rug binder, and an anti-slip latex sponge. Velvet shimmer fabric provides a warm, soft pile under your feet, is a dream to look at and walk on, and has a glistening surface which simply exudes sophistication and charm. 

• Genuinely handmade, in limited edition 1/50
• 50.4” x 78.74” (128.01cm x 199.99cm)
• Sumptuous velvet shimmer surface
• Anti-slip base, .23” thick cushioning

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